I don't normally care about stoves as my Trangia works just fine, but after a horidly windy outing, its got me thinking about a better wind screen. The Trangia windscreen is probably the best out there and I was wondering if anyone has tried to make one for the Mini.
In summary, the trangia has two parts. There are holes all around a lower form and holes in a central horizontal support, where the stoves sits, and an upper windscreen. So basically air has to go horoizontally through the holes in the bottom and then vertially through more holes before reaching the stove. Oxygen does this easily, wind does not.
I realize one solution is to get one of the stoves in the above link, but I do not have the money and already have a Trangia Mini.
Any ideas on how to replicate this. I have a concept but am curious if its been done arleady. I'm probably overthinking it as I alreay have two MSR windscreens and could just use one of those (assuming I pack it!!!)
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