If "one" were to attempt making a copy of an existing single wall tent with better fabrics what would be the best lightest and strongest fabrics for the following purposes? i.e. Does Cuben fabric come in a well waterproofed version?
Is there a ultralight ripstop fabric reinforcd with Spectra? Should I consider coating an "ultra fabric" myself W/ a very low knap roller & thin 5:1 mineral spirits:silicon mixture?

NETTING> nylon no-seeum knit

TENT BODY> as light as silnylon but will not mist in driving rain

TENT FLOOR> as light as double coated silnylon and at least as impermable to water

ZIPPERS> 2-way pulls, light nylon coil (YKK I'm assuming)

Note: The materials, except flooring, do not necessarily have to be stronger than top quality silnylon currently used in good single wall tents but it would be nice.

Thread recommendations? (polyester? nylon? cotton-wrapped poly?)

IF I decide to make this tent I'll use our Viking sewing machine, a pretty good piece of Swede machinery. The tent will be catenary cut for a smooth, wrinkle-free tensioned setup. And yeah, I'll likely use one short DAC Featherweight pole.

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