I finally broke down and ordered a hip belt from Bruce at Luxury Lite. It was easy to install (it just Velcro's around the bottom rung of my pack), is easy to adjust and transfers weight perfectly.

Is this the one with the J-hook on it? Or is there a different version that is meant for non-LuxuryLite frames? I too am trying to find a better belt for a Jansport frame. Both Jansport and Kelty have different methods of belt attachment, and I think I could make the Kelty work (pins), but just looking at the images on LL, I can't see that it would work on the Jansport since the bottom rung is way down below the butt and the middle ones are at the small of the back, and shoulders..

Does the LL have velcro all over it, on both sides? I was scheming up a way to attach accessory pouches to a pouchless belt, but it involved sewing swatches of velcro to the belt. This could kill 2 birds with one stone. I wish LL had better pictures.

(It looks an awful lot like a weightlifting belt to me. But those are generally designed for the waist, not the hips.)

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