Due to geographical disturbances without going into details, I have changed the destination of my previous expedition. That team has been disbanded. This is a complete new different ad seeking new team members. This trip is more academically inclined with a research component for me personally. Please see the rest of the advert post, if this appeals to you or someone else. Cheers Ras Da Bushman

I te iwi hikoi tawhito, ia tangata
Tena, Tena, Tena koe!
ki taku pumanwa tonu, tonu kite kitea nga ataahuatanga o nga tuaraki taiao.

He uri o Tainui wakaa.
Ko Ngati Maniapoto, ratou ko Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Parekawa oku iwi
No Kawhia, Whaingaroa me te moananui a tia, he moanaroa a te iwii Maaori.
Ko Ashley Rawiri toku ingoa ture, a, ko te ingoa ki te ipurangi, ko Kesate Iyasu
toku ingoa e ai ki nga tangata o haa ratawharia (Rastafari)

To all voyageurs, every person
I greet, I greet, I greet you all.
My heart trembles, thumps to see the beauty of the wilderness.

I am from Tainui Waka. I am Maori
My iwi are Ngati Maniapoto, Ngati Tuwharetoa and Ngati Parekawa
Im from Kawhia, Raglan and Taupoo, the great harbours of Maaori people alike.
My legal name is Ashley Rawiri, however on the internet, I use my given Rastafarian name of Kesate Iyasu.

Who here is unsatisfied with their yearning in the outdoors. Let me elaborate a little here.
Maybe you have a done a big trip, came back and thought to yourself ‘There is got to be more to this?’
Perhaps your a fit bikepacker but have not done anything more adventurous, anything else that makes you feel embodied by the thrill of the chase, the beauty that surrounds you and your role in the wilderness. Possibly you thought ‘I am alone in feeling this much dedication’
Some of you might want to do that one gnarly trip, a voyage of your mind, body and soul to truly push yourself to the limit. And others would always remain nomadic souls, free souls brazen aloof in the wilds that we call planet earth.

Does this sound like you or someone you know of? Then I want to talk to you.
Nau mai, haere mai, kuhu mai ki te mahi e orite ki nga kowhatu.
Welcome, come along and enter the work that is rather hundy like a hard rockface.

I am recruiting a small 2-3 person team to led a trekking expedition (long distance tramping/trekking/hiking or thru hiking) of roughly 11,000 + Kilometers across the breadth of Canada projected to commence from Aotearoa winter 2025 (Summer North Hemisphere) and expected to take a maximum of 18 months (weather etc depending)
Predominantly this will involve hiking,with the seasonal addition of canoeing and ski-hiking (pulks and/or dog-sledding) with the whole concept being self powered expedition.

What I am looking for in potential team members?

• Two people able to commit up to eighteen (18) months maximum from their lives.
• A seasonal/part timer for certain sections (A canoeist for McKenzie & Dog sledder/ski-hiker experienced with sleds/pulks for winter seasons)
• Anybody from any Outdoor Recreational background or experiences. Must have Outdoor Experiences thou.
• People who are medically and physically capable to commit to such physical duress.
• Any additional skills such as First Aid/Logistics experiences in offices/management are welcome too.
• Must be willing to be part of the documentary that is being shot that ties with the research for this expedition. A disclosure will be provided prior to trip starting.
• To those who can commit partially to their own personal expenses, for the duration of the trip.
• People who want to do something really unusual, have fun and experience a more fulfilling life.

If that sounds like you or anyone else you know who meet some of what I am looking for in expedition members, please feel free to send me a message.

I have extensive documents, maps, who, what, where, how and most importantly why I am doing this grand voyage for the right candidates and interested parties are more then welcome to inquire deeper info about this journey.

Na reira
ki te kitea koutou toku waka.
Can you see my waka?
Na Kesate Iyasu or Ash.