Love headlamps and have too many. Kidding, one can never have too many, because odds are good at least one will work.

The Klarus HR1 series has three levels: regular, Pro and Plus. Plus includes a rechargeable battery pack and has the most light output and battery life.

The Klarus website seems hopeless so here's a vendor link.

It's a single-band headlamp with separate lamphead and battery in back, connected by a coiled cable. The battery charges via USB C (cable included), a better connector than the usual micro USB. It has a charge status light and test button. Spare batteries are available, if desired; I intended to field-charge.

The headlamp has three LEDs: spot, flood and red. There are two control buttons and I'm still sorting out how to get at all the modes via random pressing. What I can tell you is red has one level, spot and flood each has three levels, and combined spot+flood has two. There are flashing modes I have yet to access. Claimed maximum output is 600 lumens, which is very bright. The good news is turning the unit on with the switch above the red LED accesses that mode from off, preserving night vision. Not every headlamp with a red mode is like this.

Weatherproofing is rated IPX6. The given weight of 1.6 oz/46 g is the headlamp only, sans battery. How useful. Actual weight is about 3.5 oz/100 g. Not bad, and it balances nicely and is comfortable. The lamp tilts, a necessity. I don't know yet about glare or how it works worn over a hat.

In sum, it is well made, versatile and very bright. Battery life and navigation/camp chores and puttering evaluation will have to wait for my next trip.

Happy lux,