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#203583 - 10/28/19 10:44 PM WANTED: Expedition Member
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ
Kia Ora From Aotearoa NZ

I am Ash , I'm from Aotearoa New Zealand and I am a Bushcrafter / filmmaker/ film student.

Other Outdoor recreation activities i enjoy include the following: Native Plant Id, Bushcraft, Firemaking, Primitive Trapping, Tramping ( Trekking, Rambling, Hiking, Backpacking ) Trail Running and I have done a long distance tramp ( TA Trail ) .

I am currently a Uni student awaiting to finish my degree In Te Reo Maori and Screen Production - Filmmaking- documentary/ backpack film making..

What i wanted to ask here is I am looking to Trek through Russia.
This is a long one so only will suit certain people. We are talking up to year expedition.

This Trek is expected to start around late March 2023-2024

Conditions anticipated are 4 seasons, Mid winter through to late fall.
I plan to do some documentary work along the expedition and I am a one man camera crew.
I have a friend who is also keen to do this expedition.
There are plans to get sponsorship on this expedition as well to help finance this. Not all of it but as much as I can.

Able to speak Russian?
Have Winter experience outdoors?
Have Bushcraft skills?
Have outdoor navigation skills
are able to pay for yourself along the way then
I want to talk to you.

Feel free to contact me.

I will welcome anyone is interested .

For further info please reply to this post.

And for those who might say it ain't NZ soft, I KNOW AND REALISE ALL DANGERS. Too many people have argued that on other forums with me.
I ain't here to argue, just network with like minded people.
I know this is Hundy as ( KIWI 4 100% ) hence why i Said Russia.

Have a great day!

#203841 - 12/17/19 02:35 AM Re: WANTED: Expedition Member [Re: RDBushman]
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ
For those after finer details here you go, nothing is definitive everything is roughly placed together at the moment .
Just roughly put together so here we go.

I would just like to introduce myself and what Outdoor experiences I have.
My name is Ash, im from North Island New Zealand, im Maori and currently ( as of writing ) studying a diploma in Screen production, documentary/backpack film making and as of next year i will be studying at the University Of Waikato a Bachelors Degree majoring in Screen Production and with Te Reo Maori as a minor.
My main Outdoor activities are 4 seasons Tramping here in New Zealand, Bushcraft ( Firemaking, Shelter Building, Plant ID, Primitive Trapping, although i am no expert as a true expert dies and is immortalised by their commitment to Bushcraft, i am versed enough to help myself and few others with small things like the aforementioned ) and of course Trail Running ( Thou im not fit fit fit, i am extremely for a cigarette smoker ) I have significant off trail experience as most of my Bushcraft is done in the middle of nowhere of conservation/backcountry lands . I have been know to be a water locator amongst my back country compatriots.
I own my own small cottage ' Ultralight ' Tramping / Backcountry backpacking Tarp manufacturing business i started here in my hometown in the Waikato this year, at the moment testing and conceptualising different models of Tarps ( We call them Flys here ) utilising inexpensive Ultralight sil/nylon or Sil/Poly fabrics. I put the '' in because from the Ultralight or minimalist backpackers they would deem them as so, I just wanted gear designed and made with love, attention and passion of great outdoor brands of old, being light as possible without being ultra expensive for the end user in mind.
I tramped or Thru Hiked the Te Araroa Trail, NZ'S long Distance trail completing the 3000+ KMS in under 96 days this year in March with a traditional but lightweight setup for 3 season and camera gear, i was and still am actively shooting a documentary about the TE ARAROA Trail from a local perspective and Point of View based narrative, how the Hiker sees it in real life. I am just starting to learn Russian as of Jan next year. At least to conversational level for the expedition.
My future ambitions Outdoors wise is to voyage beyond more in anticipation of answering a question which as of writing i have made a short film for my UNI about , Why are Outdoor Recreationists Wanderers? Where exactly Russia being one of them.
It was Everest but given it is a bit crowded up there, i wanted to do something with purpose, that drives excites and terrifies my outdoor goals and fears all into one, as fundamental to the essence of my existence. Hence this conversation.
Details about this trip so far is:
as mentioned up to a year expedition, four seasons.

Distance between 6000 KMS to 9000 Kms. All of Russia. Current route starts east to west . Just a thought not finite.

Route, there is a rough image taken from google earth i am refining the route down, i have done some research with some Russian friends and they have said this route is the warmer option as well as the most economical route given the towns that we pass through. I have added in some river walking to change the scenery for now. [​IMG]
Other options for this expedition apart from Trekking/Tramping/Backpacking the whole way are some ideas me and my mate had initially thought of when we decided to do some thing epic with purpose, Sledding, Dogsledding, Land surfing ( Kites that are paired with a snowboard and riding currents of air along plains to take you in the heading of your direction ) or Pack Rafting some rivers or kayak ( where do able ) Not finite but it diversifies options where efficient and able to be done. Where feasible.
As i mentioned i will and am actively seeking sponsorship to help fund the trip for ALL Expedition members. Possible gear sponsorship's but mainly financial.
Gear: I would hope that everyone who is coming has their own gear, fit for purpose, for 3 seasons at a minimum.

It is not essential to have own gear but it it is easier for all of us if we do. And we can focus on more financial sponsorship rather then gear.
Talents i asked for: Well because it is Russia it would be nice not essential to have someone with more fluency in Russian then i would be able to learn.
Winter Tramping experience, as said not essential but nice.
Backcountry navigation: nice but not essential, thou would be handy having a dedicated navigator or route planner
Bushcraft skills: Nice but not essential, extended backcountry knowledge of resources around you at most of the time is a key Bushcraft skill most backpackers likely to have anyway, which plants that may be of edible or medicinal benefit, wood for fires or shelters, animals for hunting possibly, water, tinder for fires, etc.
I hope this answers some of your questions.

Just an update to interested parties, in the midst of contacting several potential sponsors . Im getting my own company to sponsor some gear such as bivvy bags and tarps if need be ( tax write off! )
Im contacting my Maaori Iwii trusts for sponsorship opportunities next friday.
Started changing some route options to be more feasible for resupply.

Crimea to Vanino via Moscow, Volga River and Kalymykia - Causcaus Escarpment

Murmansk to Vanino via Moscow Older ALTERNATIVE

Edited by RDBushman (12/17/19 02:39 AM)
Edit Reason: Wrong links

#203939 - 01/02/20 01:44 AM Re: WANTED: Expedition Member 2020 updates [Re: RDBushman]
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ
2020 update, i have just finalised most of the prices and costs estimates up for sponsorship and other funding avenues, all of it is on a per person addendum. Of course i wont release these figures here because well it only suited for people who are interested but it is no way near ( expense wise ) then what i have heard other people comment about this trip the likely hood of costs. Between 10 -18k NZD New Zealand Bucks per person ALL IN, this was taken from the upper 50% - 75% of the ranges of prices ( not the cheapest but not the most expensive) i had researched and that includes zero days average food cost, zero days in hostels/backpackers or equivalents, running costs like fuel, mobile network carriers, food for on route trekking. Considering an average budget for a NZ Thru Hike is between 7K to 12.5K NZD ( From research when i tramped TA trail 2018 as well as FAQ on TA Trail Trust Website )'' An amount of NZD$7,000-10,000 has been suggested by previous walkers for a 5-month through-walk. '' TA TRAIL & That is 5 months in NZ with NZD currency.

I think what people thought in mind is their own economy and not Russia's economy when they wrote such remarks that it would cost in the 6 figures per person for a trip. Unless your living a like a king everyday high on the hog, then realistically for a trip such as this, that is neither efficient value wise for this trip way of living, not thrifty economically for trip of this length or adds value collectively to everyone's total cost individually. This is a fact Cost of living in Russia is 47.74% lower than in New Zealand ( link That is compared to the New Zealand Dollar, and all my estimates as stated are taken from the average to upper 75% of the prices that were given. I didn't add this statement to insult or demean anyone, just that anyone had logic would actually back up their words with facts and research, not just blind-founded ignorance.

Hope this adds to any potential parties interest that in reality total costs wont cost 6 figures, the whole angle of this trip of how I am pitching this to potential fund backers and sponsors ( not agenda) aside from promoting Outdoor Recreation to youth and as whole Preservation, Participation & Perceptions that individually or collectively what outdoors recreation can teach and apply to life experiences or personal growth on Humanity particularly for youth into the future BUT the fact that anyone can do an expedition REGARDLESS of cost, length or any other prejudice that stands in his/her way OR that you don't have to be filthy rich to do insane ( societies perception ) Outdoor Recreation or adventures.

#204009 - 01/12/20 08:57 PM Re: WANTED: Expedition Member 2020 updates [Re: RDBushman]
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ
2020 Updates:
I have one person who is potentially interested in this expedition, he is working at how long he is able to do so on this trekking expedition as we speak, he is unable to attend the start of the trip in mid-late winter so i am looking for at least one more person to add to the roster.

#204270 - 04/18/20 06:04 PM Re: WANTED: Expedition Member 2020 updates [Re: RDBushman]
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ

April 2020 Updates: Just finished all costs estimates everything besides insurance and purse money has been estimated. Just typed the objectives,Aims and Priorities of the Trekking Exped crew to peruse thoroughly thru. At the moment that is all the planning I can do for now until the Eco gets a bit better here in NZ after lockdown. Still a crew of 3 plus one who is running support for now. So still looking for up to 2 people. Now you could comment that world eco and COVID-19 and all that, im aware of all that. It just the show the Trek is still going ahead actually a year ahead then planned March 2023 is the start date at the moment So i thought to update everyone here that I have done as much possible planning that i can for now until i move into the next steps once the world settles down a bit and i find at least 2 more peeps.

#204763 - 09/03/20 02:31 AM Re: WANTED: Expedition Member 2020 updates [Re: RDBushman]
RDBushman Offline

Registered: 10/28/19
Posts: 9
Loc: Waikato, Aotearoa NZ
Trans-Russia Expedition 2023 2024 detailed guide

This is my official announcement of the Trans Russia expedition. All the details are sorted out in that video for those like myself prefer to view information as a video infographic presentation then text based. This is the August 2020 update.


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