The Berghaus Mens Hyper Hydroshell jacket is the model their new Hyper 100 Extrem Shell replaced in 2017.
Berghaus are advertising the newer model as "the world’s lightest 3 layer mountain jacket", but this is actually false advertising, as the older model, which is also 3 layer, is actually lighter!
A medium size Hyper Hydroshell jacket only weighs 89g (3oz) (icluding the stuff sack) but a Medium size Hyper 100 Extrem weighs 97g (3.28oz).
OK, so you might not notice the 8g (0.27oz) difference when wearing one, but Berghaus should try to get their facts straight.
They both pack down to something like the size of flattened tennis ball, which is one of their major Pros.
Apart from the weight difference, there are two other main differences...Firstly, whilst both offer a rain protection of 20,000mm Head, which is excellent when you factor in how light they both are, their breatheability ratings are noticably different.
The Hyper Hydroshell manages a very respectable 10,000g/m2 MVTR (between 2000-5000g/m2 MVTR rating is the typical breatheability range for most ultralight rain jackets), but the Hyper 100 Extrem manages an amazing 50,000g/m2 MVTR!
This world-beating breatheability comes at a cost though...The RRP of the Hyper 100 Extrem is £250 ($325) here in the UK, which is twice as much as the RRP for the Hyper Hydroshell it replaced (although you can buy the Hyper 100 Extrem for about £211 ($274) if you shop about (From Ultralight Outdoor Gear).
However, I recently managed to find a medium size Hyper Hydroshell, in two-tone blue, on the Sale rack at a local camping store, reduced to £91 ($118). I managed to get them to price match it to the cheapest price I could find online (£76 or $98.8) and then they gave me a further discount...So I paid just £70 ($91) for it!
As a comparison, my previous rain shell, a Gelert rain smock, in woodland camo (from Sports Direct) has a rain protection of 5,000mm Head, a breatheability of 5000g/m2 MVTR, weighs a whopping 240g (8.47oz), packs about six times larger, and cost about £25 ($32.6), so I am overjoyed at having the Hyper Hydroshell now, as it is truely both ultralight and pocket size.
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