Subject: BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy for Backpacking Bad Back

In 1996, related to a back injury I sustained in an automobile accident and my subsequent efforts to mitigate its impact on my backpacking, I published the page "Bad Back - Tips to Reduce Back Pain". That page is located at

I recently updated that page to describe my experiences using the BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy to successfully treat my back pain and arthritis.

BEMER technology (not Bemer 3000) is an FDA registered medical device which improves circulation in your small blood vessels called the micro circulation. BEMER can improve restricted circulation in the smallest blood vessels and thus support the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes.

Anyway, in short, a friend of mine has a BEMER Pro unit. He let my wife and I use it for several days. It helped relieve pain (for my wife's ailments also). It worked for us so we bought it.

I mention this here in the forums because I feel this technology is applicable to our backcountry activities and, perhaps, especially to us folks who are "almost over the hill".

If you'd like to read the full version of our experience with BEMER and/or would like more information please visit the updated bad-back page -

always the best to you and yours,

Charles (packlite)
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