I finally finished my latest project. It is a tarp and net tent. I bought the material from Ripstop By the Roll . I bought the zipper from DIY Gear Supply . Both sources shipped very quickly and I received exactly what I ordered. The tarp material, and floor for the net tent is made from silpoly. I used mineral spirits and silicon to waterproof it, and so far so good in an all night rain. The netting is just .9 oz netting. It seams to be pretty robust stuff.
The tarp is 11 X 9 ft. I made it 11 ft long because I want to use it with a hammock. I plan to make another hammock for it. But, this year, I will have my 8 year old with me, so I made a 2 person net tent instead. I also splurged and bought a Big Agnes Double Z sleeping pad (I am getting old).

Here are the two videos I made detailing the construction.
Tarp video
Net Video

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