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#57690 - 01/15/08 06:17 AM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: hamish]
layla17 Offline

Registered: 01/14/08
Posts: 22
I agree with you hamish. The whole milk powder is your best bet. I'm a big milk drinker and find that it is the closest a person can get to the real thing, when hiking.
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#57691 - 02/05/08 10:00 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: tchiker]
blazer209 Offline

Registered: 02/05/08
Posts: 31
Loc: California/central
Yeh, the nido is better than the usual powdered milk.A mexican friend told me that they use it as a substitute for baby formula.You'll surely find it at any mexican grocer.Sweeter, fuller taste.

#57692 - 02/06/08 02:07 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: blazer209]
sarbar Offline

Registered: 07/15/05
Posts: 1453
Loc: WA
There is actually two Nido's: one is 26% fat milk, there is also a Nido just for kids. So be aware when shopping that you don't grab the wrong one <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
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#57693 - 02/06/08 06:50 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: sarbar]
blazer209 Offline

Registered: 02/05/08
Posts: 31
Loc: California/central
Never knew that.Good looking out.That's why my friend was saying they used it for formula.

#57694 - 02/08/08 10:02 AM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: sarbar]
NiytOwl Offline

Registered: 11/06/04
Posts: 501
Loc: California
Actually, there are -three- versions of Nido. The regular full cream dry milk just says "Nido". Then there are two that add the word "Kinder" followed by either 1+ or 3+, with added sugar, carbs, vitamins and fiber.

#57695 - 03/07/08 06:27 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk ?? [Re: NiytOwl]
tchiker Offline

Registered: 08/28/06
Posts: 162
Loc: Atlanta, GA, USA
wow I started this thread about 18 months ago and it is still going strong. It's funny that I see it again now because I'm going backpacking next weekend for the first time in about six months and I'm scared to open up my container of Nido that I bought so long ago. I'm sure it has gone bad by now. I don't use the stuff often, but it does taste great...truly like whole milk.

I haven't had a lot of problems with "lumps" and usually just mix it in the cup...although bringing a plastic cup is an additional item that I have to put in my backpack. It doens't weigh much, but it takes up a good bit of volume. It is worth it on some trips though.

Edited by tchiker (03/07/08 06:34 PM)

#167888 - 07/17/12 02:39 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk - NIDO [Re: Volodya]
Elias Offline

Registered: 07/17/12
Posts: 6
I always want to use the natural milk with all nutritional values.
If natural milk is not available then I take Nestle powder milk, it is better than other in taste and quality.
Edited by moderator to remove commercial link

#167889 - 07/17/12 03:44 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk/freezer bags [Re: sabre11004]
lori Offline

Registered: 01/22/08
Posts: 2801
it is not news that glad says not to cook in bags. But none of us are. We add hot water - not the Same thing at all.

It is not harmful to add hot water to plastic bags
"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few." Shunryu Suzuki

#168048 - 07/29/12 04:13 AM Re: Good tasting powdered milk/freezer bags [Re: lori]
Wasatch Offline

Registered: 09/13/09
Posts: 53
Loc: California
I'm one of the few who loves all brands powdered milk, because that is all we had on the table when I was kid, now I'm over 50.

The best I've found is this stuff: Bob's Red Mill Nonfat Dry Milk Powder. Before that it was Carnation for years.

Bob's is a true powder, not crystals. This means it packs very compactly, you need far less volume of powder to make a glass of milk.

On the other hand powder does not mix as well as crystals, so I use a Aerolatte Milk Frother which weighs 2 ounces without the AA battery. Takes 5 seconds to dissolve with the Aerolatte tool, almost impossible for me to dissolve it otherwise. Which is a disadvantage on the trail where crystals, like Saco or Nestles dissolves with only a spoon and some time, a huge plus!

#173390 - 01/01/13 11:54 AM Re: Argh! Stupid Canadian Wally World! [Re: NOTYET]
Backpackhavn Offline

Registered: 12/18/12
Posts: 13
Loc: Texas, USA
Thank you for suggesting soy milk powder, I prefer soy milk too!
May every hiking and camping experience be a fun adventure!

#173674 - 01/09/13 01:10 PM hot/cold [Re: Backpackhavn]
enthusiast Offline

Registered: 12/03/12
Posts: 31
Loc: Auglaize CO., OH
It IS okay to eat the powdered milk wether prepared with hot water (in pastas) or cold water (in cereal), correct?

#173676 - 01/09/13 01:48 PM Re: hot/cold [Re: enthusiast]
BZH Offline

Registered: 01/26/11
Posts: 901
Loc: Torrance, CA
yes of course

#173707 - 01/10/13 08:07 AM Re: hot/cold [Re: enthusiast]
skcreidc Offline

Registered: 08/16/10
Posts: 1590
Loc: San Diego CA
^^^^^^ +1

#174736 - 02/05/13 09:26 PM Re: Good tasting powdered milk [Re: paulj]
djtrekker Offline

Registered: 02/02/13
Posts: 43
Loc: Virginia
milkman used to be my go-to until I went Vegan (part of my transformation after a little bout with an artery in the heart last year.....). One gem I came across was cashew milk, which is simply cashews and water thrown into a blender with a touch of vanilla and sweetened with a few dates. Unsweetened is delicious. For the trail, just grind cashews in a coffee grinder to powder. You might be surprised. If you want sweetened, use anything you normally sweeten with, or dehydrate the dates (they are nutritious way to sweeten).

On that note I would add that when I purchased a dehydrator 2 years ago, I found the world was my oyster (lots of disastrous experiments, but a lot that came out great with drying fruits, peppers, herbs). Makes great jerky too. On trail, I am not totally vegan, I eat jerky (hope my doc is not on this forum - sodium content is out of sight for me I know, but...). Powdered cashew also makes a great add to a soup or stew.

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