I entered this over in the "gadgets" section before realizing it should probably be posted here:

I have an Olympus Stylus 1020 and the lens cover recently jammed. I took it in to the camera shop and they permanently forced the lens cover open. (No real issue with that, I always carry in a case, anyway).

But when I was in the shop and discussing the cost of actually fixing the automatic lens cover, I was told that it really wasn't worth it because I could get a better camera for not much more than the ~$100 repair price. When I tried to pin the sales person down on how the new camera was better, I couldn't really get a very good answer. I understand that the light sensitivity for no-flash shooting has improved and I like that -- but how much improved?

I know the chip has more pixels but mine does 10mp but I usually shoot 5mp which is fine. What I like about my camera is that it has a really good lens (used -- even by pros -- in the predecessor film camera.) As such, the image quality is superb. The salesman wouldn't discuss lens quality comparison -- dunno if he just didn't know or didn't want to admit the new stuff wasn't better. . .

So . . .
Is there enough improvement in electronics and lens quality that would merit an upgrade? What models would you suggest that would be a modern version of what I have? I like the camera's size and features and particularly the lens.
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