I got my Bushbuddy Ultra today, and fired it up, and I've got to tell you two things: 1) this thing wants to burn wood 2) the design of intakes, air channels, warming channels, secondary combustion chamber contiguous to the primary chamber, all this creates a fireball and strong airflows through the secondaries, which results in a 3" diameter flame that blows out of the firepot, and envelops the bottom of my 400ml pot. i got a practically smokeless fire within 60 seconds of lighting some birch tears and curls, a few little sticks, and she was off and running. Once she's burning, moving sticks around doesn't bother the fire. The fire is of the BB, not of the sticks. It's alive, with heated walls sucking in fresh cold air for propellant ignition immediately against and above the primary fire chamber. It's like a furnace, really, and that flame is torched up to the bottom of the cooking pot. My first thought was, blowtorch. But "natural", by engineering. This bushbuddy makes some kind of fire, and it likes big wood. The fire chamber is humongous, and the throat is short, but what you get is the top of the flame on your cooking pot bottom. I LIKE it! This is efficiency, and cleanliness, and free fuel, and quick, pain-free cooking, PLUS it can be a little campfire stove that takes big chunks of wood for a fireplace brandy, smoke, or both. And STORIES... the best part of packing.

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