So I have been wearing running shoes, hiking. Everytime, for like 3 years. - While hiking to a good camp spot, while doing day hikes - up shale, down shale, up watefalls, up tick-infested-juniper slopes, just walkin around etc.

And they arent just running shoes...They are skater shoes...cuz my feet are as wide as they are long. So I need some advice. I want hiking boots/shoes. Which are better? Where can I get a good deal in Alberta? MEC will rob me, I know that. Been there, checked that bologna out. Love MEC for knicky-knackies like bear bangers and tarps etc but wouldnt like to help them retire. Not paying $350 for some footwear.

I want to know if shoes are better for speed, or if boots are better for stability, I will have to buy men's sizes, but Ive also heard that Mens can be narrow as well?? Looking to spend maybe $80 for now.

Remember though, that I live in Alberta Canada.

(Is it worth it to buy them lightly used? Found ads on Kijiji?)