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#101054 - 08/27/08 12:05 PM Re: Priming the Svea 123r [Re: GrumpyGord]
300winmag Offline

Registered: 02/28/06
Posts: 1342
Loc: Nevada, USA

I think I covered all the bases.See my instruction #4.
"4. remove pump"

The reason for the very light aluminum pump is to QUICKLY and SAFELY pressurize the stove. Very important in cold weather.

Priming merely initiates SELF-pressurization so the stem gets hot and the stove continues to pressurize itself.

If you've lived with a SVEA 123 for weeks at a time, as I have, you know the pump is simplicity itself.

"There are no comfortable backpacks. Some are just less uncomfortable than others."

#101055 - 08/31/08 04:21 PM Svea Questions Pots, Refueling,Alternate fuels [Re: Samoset]
Samoset Offline

Registered: 07/04/08
Posts: 429
Loc: Newnan ,GA
Ok i have had my svea for well over a week now. Which has left me with plenty enough time to realize i need a bigger cookpot. My Snow Peak trek900 TI cookpot
only has 4 inches of flat surface witch means the svea has to be darn near turned off. To keep the flames from rolling up the sides of the pot , barely a hiss muchless a roar. I beleave in any sort of cold windy weather id be forced to turn up the stove to keep it from loosing pressure. thus allowing flames up the sides of the pot and wasting fuel. A personel pet peave of mine . So i was wondering what was some of you guys favorite pots to use with your sveas? Another question is what are some of the techniqes you guys for refueling you sveas? And last but not least. Has anyone burnerd anything besides whitegas/coleman fuel in there sveas? Not that one would make this a habbit but in a pinch .

Thanks in advance for the flood of usefull info that usually follows my questions
Samoset, KG4BYP
Some peopole live life day by day. Try step by step.

#101056 - 08/31/08 07:37 PM Re: Svea Questions Pots, Refueling,Alternate fuels [Re: Samoset]
phat Offline

Registered: 06/24/07
Posts: 4107
Loc: Alberta, Canada

My Svea lives inside a GSI anodized potset that is only slightly larger than it. Larger than
a ti 900, but not by much - maybe a 5 inch base. That itself lives inside of a pot cozy made of blue foam and duct tape, which is nice for keeping hot stuff hot, or a pot of water liquid overnight.

I wouldn't worry about being able to keep the stove going in cold weather. Once you have
warmed it up, you can throttle it back and it'll keep going just fine. Practice lighting and getting going on the cold. but once it's going, even in very cold weather you shouldn't have
any problem keeping it warm enough to run low.
Any fool can be uncomfortable...
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Winter list.
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#101057 - 08/31/08 08:05 PM Re: Svea Questions Pots, Refueling,Alternate fuels [Re: phat]
frediver Offline

Registered: 05/11/07
Posts: 114
The GSI double boiler anodized pot set is a great combination for the svea.
Save yourself some frustration and cut some H.D. roof flashing and make a wind screen
the svea built on screen does not work well.

#101058 - 08/31/08 08:06 PM Re: Svea Questions Pots, Refueling,Alternate fuels [Re: phat]
TomD Offline

Registered: 10/30/03
Posts: 4963
Loc: Marina del Rey,CA
I wouldn't try burning anything other than white gas. There are some Primus stoves that look much like a 123 and burn kerosene, but I have no idea if the jet from one of them would fit.

The MSR XGK has two jets-one for kerosene and one for everything else. The kero jet has a bigger hole since the fuel vapor is denser.

I used methylated spirits in my XGK, which you aren't supposed to do, but it worked. Meths is denatured alcohol with usually some coloring added. It might work in a 123-the burner design is pretty similar to the XGK, but again, not recommended.

Edited by TomD (08/31/08 08:10 PM)

#101059 - 09/01/08 05:16 AM Re: Svea Questions Pots, Refueling,Alternate fuels [Re: Samoset]
Dryer Offline


Registered: 12/05/02
Posts: 3591
Loc: Texas
Cookpot....I use the same pot for all stoves. It's a super-thin, squat and wide pot I salvaged from a "stainless cookset" bought at walmart. You can see a picture of it in my "Altoids Stove" instructions in the 'make your own gear" section. They are still available.
The pot looks much bigger in the picture than it actually it. My guess is that its about 6 inches wide and 1.75" tall. Works great on the Svea.
We've used the Svea's at chili cookoffs and youth campouts with 4 quart pots on top, if you want to go really big. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> MSR/Optimus fuel bottle with a refueling spout/valve on it. Don't remember who make them but they work great. Good for dribbling fuel for priming too. Like this:

Alternate fuels....why? Camp gas seems to be everywhere. I've heard of folks using auto gas and kerosene in Sveas/R8's but I understand it's very sooty and the stoves aren't jetted for such things. Remember, the fuel is 'wicked' to the generator chamber with a cotton mop. I wouldn't put anything in there that will goo it up.
To be certain, a call to A&H will provide the answer....they know these stoves better than anybody.

Edited by Dryer (09/01/08 05:25 AM)
paul, texas KD5IVP

#101060 - 09/01/08 06:31 AM Re: Am I crazy? Contiplating Svea 123r [Re: Samoset]
GrumpyGord Offline

Registered: 01/05/02
Posts: 940
Loc: Michigan
Now you have done it. I ended up digging out one of my two Svea stoves and fired it up with the intention of taking it on my next trip. Priming was not a problem and I have even used the aluminum pot which comes with the stove so pot width is not a big problem. I have used auto gasoline a couple of times when I could not get Coleman fuel. Stinks and soots up the pan but seems to work OK.

#101061 - 09/02/08 08:47 PM Re: Am I crazy? Contiplating Svea 123r [Re: Samoset]
dralahiker Offline

Registered: 08/26/04
Posts: 327
Loc: North Georgia
I still have a Svea 123, circa early 1970s. I'm sure there are Sveas out there still going strong from the 60s. Once they came out with a detachable pressure pump for it, starting up in any weather was not a problem. Turn open the valve and click your lighter. Vrooom. Jet engine in only a few moments. Since all the parts of the stove were designed to be replaceable, there's no telling how many years of regular use could be had.

One last note - I found that filtering the white gas used in the stove (and a .5 liter Sigg bottle with gas for week long trips) increased the reliablity and reduced clogged jet syndrome. Keep the jet nozzle clean and you're good to go.

The Svea is [Edited for inappropriate languge, please review forum policies for more information] well reliable, but the Coleman Peak 1 Ultralite with pump pressurized tank, fold out legs to stablize it, and a very well controlled gas valve that could roar or simmer with ease.

In comparison, the Svea could put out the heat, but tempering the flame reliably was, well, temperamental.

Such a fine hand made brass stove is worthy of life long status. Show the next generation of campers how to use it. Take them on a trip using the old Svea. Let them see and experience that human art that is timeless - not digitized. It goes right along with learning to build and tend a fire. Be a primal man with your Svea!
And make some good corn liquer with it, too.

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