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Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Common But Unnecessary Items by BZH @ Today at 12:46 PM

I agree with not carrying extra items... even FAK stuff. Some people will just take more and more FAK items for the appearance of safety. The best advice is what Balz said: only take FAK items you are trained to use. I tell new backpackers your FA
Backcountry Gadgets
Jump to new posts Re: Backcountry navigation tools by GrumpyGord @ Yesterday at 06:17 AM

Actually I remember the first time that I was in an area where I could actually use a map. I had been hiking in Michigan woods where you had to keep track of where you were or get lost. This was before GPS. I went to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho a
Trip Plans, Reports & Inquiries
Jump to new posts Breathtaking oceancoast hiking |CaminodeSantiago by walkingnatur @ 02/17/19 05:36 AM

The day started with a stunning location we were camping in. The sky was covered in clouds but it was painted in a beautiful colors of sunrise. Yesterday we fall asleep by the sound of the ocean and monotone songs of zucades. That was very calming.
Trip Plans, Reports & Inquiries
Jump to new posts Re: Crazy weather in Death Valley by balzaccom @ 02/16/19 09:07 PM

According to the folks down there, we need one more big rain in March to really make it happen
Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Insulated or single wall mug? by Rick_D @ 02/16/19 06:18 PM

I take a pretty large single-wall titanium mug, no handle, and use a neoprene "beer cozy" to insulate it. I believe something similar is available under the Vargo brand and probably Snow Peak and others. Super light, the cozy keeps drinks
Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Wool for lite gear by Pika @ 02/16/19 10:56 AM

I used a thick wool sweater that my mother knit for me in 1952 for nearly 20 years, much of it in the Sierra. It was knit from fairly loose-spun, large diameter yarn. My records show it at about 19 oz. I used it through the 70’s as part of my th
Trip Plans, Reports & Inquiries
Cool video! I had a similiar experience but here, in USA. It took us a long time to properly de-freeze ourselves in a bar, haha but once we did it, we noticed that everyone managed to take awesome photos of that crazy snowstorm. I went here, by the w
Lite Food Talk
Jump to new posts Re: No-Cook Ramen. How Long to Soak? by Onaiwi @ 02/15/19 10:37 AM

I also did not try cold exposure for ramen, who can throw a link for a recipe or a cooking method ?!
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Staying alive in a winter storm by Onaiwi @ 02/15/19 10:28 AM

Great respect for this man. Excellent preparation, beyond praise.
Backcountry Photography Discussion
You're probably right, yeah. I gave it some more thought and will probably only bring the following two/three lenses: 24/1.8 (for landscapes, snapshots while hiking, streetlife, etc.), 58/1.4 for portraits and streetlife (instead of the 35/1.8 and 5
Lite Gear Talk
Yeah.. It reminded me alot of the greens used in the army.. But they/we know why we use that colour to go undetected, so that's fine with me
Backcountry Beginners
Jump to new posts Re: How important is pack fit? by HPD @ 02/14/19 06:42 PM

The best way to see if it will work for you is to load it up and put it on. Walk around with it on and try to note what feels good, what doesn't. Then go down to your local outdoor store, assuming you have one, try on different packs with a load in t
Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Down sleeping bag cost to fill power ? by Jim M @ 02/14/19 01:32 PM

I don't know if this will help or not, but to begin with I would set my own specifications and then set out to find the best bag. Make a spreadsheet. When I did that I wanted a 20 degree F bag under 2.2 pounds what was a good mummy design with a pre
Backcountry Photography Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Fellow Large Format Photogs by ndsol @ 02/13/19 06:35 PM

Larger than 8x10? I assume that with the large format you have you are shooting film. I shoot with a full-frame, so much smaller than what you are going out with.
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Insulated or single wall mug?
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02/14/19 08:43 AM
Backcountry Discussion - Featured Topics
for those hot tenters
by toddfw2003
02/07/19 09:52 PM
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01/27/19 11:28 PM
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by JohnyH
01/24/19 07:36 PM
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01/30/19 11:44 AM
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01/17/18 12:36 PM
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10/28/16 01:23 PM
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