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Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts compass, thermometer, baro/altimeter by edfardos @ Today at 09:54 PM

What are you using for an ultra-light compass, thermometer, baro/altimeter? I peeked at the watches, also looked into low-tech non-electronic versions. Some were light weight, all were junk. curiously, edfardos
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Hitting the eagle rock loop, Ark in 3 days by 4evrplan @ Today at 05:48 PM

Awesome! I've got maps for this area printed and ready to go. Someday.
Make Your Own Gear!
Jump to new posts Re: Plant based insulation... by DTape @ Today at 08:56 AM

the mullein leaves make good tp.
Backcountry Beginners
Jump to new posts Re: Suggested Trails Texas / South OK by Bill S. @ Yesterday at 08:05 PM

Big Bend is awesome, but a long way and this time of year is usually pretty crowded. If you like canyons there is Palo Duro canyon by Amarillo or Caprock Canyons which may be a little closer. Both very nice. Area's around San Antonio are plenty and
Off Topic: All-in-One
Jump to new posts Re: Beer by 4evrplan @ 11/17/17 12:40 PM

I'm not really a beer person; in fact until less than a year ago, I didn't drink beer at all until a friend turned me on to Corona. I don't think I've ever liked any IPA I've tried. But, we do have a local craft brewery, really neat place that occas
Backcountry Gadgets
Jump to new posts Re: AA battery charger for iPhone by Pika @ 11/17/17 07:54 AM

Thanks. This looks like a good answer. And, I like having projects.
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Flamable fabrics? by OregonMouse @ 11/16/17 03:55 PM

Sewing for Civil War reenactments has taught me a lot about fabrics. Since there was no nylon/polyester/rayon/etc. in 1860, and fabric labeling isn't all it should be, we run burn tests on scraps of fabric to make sure we don't have synthetic fabric
Backcountry Photography Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Which type of camera equipment do you guys prefer? by shuddleson @ 11/15/17 12:14 PM

for years, I packed a Nikon FtN body with usually a 35 mm f2.8 and a 135 f 2.8. Add 6 or 10 rolls of film and it was a load. It just (as pointed out previously) depends on how important photographs are to the trip. For me, it was important and I r
Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Shoe question. by Pika @ 11/14/17 07:27 AM

I, too, mourn the passing of the pre-2008 Montrail Hardrock. Sadly I failed to stock up while they were still available so have had to deal with many "new and improved" trail shoes that quickly proved inadequate. So, I endorse OM's advice
Home Gardening
Jump to new posts Re: Fall/Winter Garden Experiment by PerryMK @ 11/14/17 05:01 AM

That looks awesome! If you have a Harbor Freight nearby they have a non-contact infrared thermometer that I like to use. I planted garlic 2 or 3 weeks ago and its already coming up. I'm also still picking peppers and making hot sauce. This batc
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Arcteryx/general sizing question by glocke12 @ 11/14/17 04:07 AM

thanks for the replies...after giving it some thought I realized this jacket would essentially be my mid layer..the salesman was steering me towards the large using the logic that a zip up fleece or something would be worn under it, when the opposite
Lite Food Talk
Jump to new posts Re: Spork or utensil set? by OregonMouse @ 11/13/17 07:11 PM

Long handle spoon--yes, it's lexan, but used only for packpacking so I doubt I'm being poisoned. If I have to stab something, I use my pocket knife. Forks tend to poke holes in plastic bags, and I do "freezer bag cooking" (really rehydrat
Lite Gear Talk
Jump to new posts Re: what type of stove are you using? by Adventurejus @ 11/13/17 03:46 PM

Originally Posted By JeffreyI use Vargo Hexagon wood stove and it's pretty good. I've never seen these before, love the idea of not relying on fuel. How many twigs do you usually have to collect/burn to boil 1/2 cups of water? Do you use it in t
Backcountry Health & Safety
Jump to new posts Re: Taping an Achillies Tendon Scar by Adventurejus @ 11/13/17 10:42 AM

Originally Posted By Mike-OntarioI'm hiking 65 kms in 6 days in the mountains of Peru. Boots are highly recommended. I'd definitely agree with BHZ. Trail runners will immediately solve your problem. If you don't have ankle stability issues that i
Lite Food Talk
Jump to new posts Re: New discovery by Adventurejus @ 11/13/17 08:52 AM

This is actually a very simple problem to solve, add more fat to your diet. Nuts have 150-200 calories per ounce. They're low in saturated fats which are what will make you feel more sluggish and do not process as well and high in mono and polyunsa
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Lite Gear Talk - Featured Topics
compass, thermometer, baro/altimeter
by edfardos
09:54 PM
Shoe question.
by lupacexi
11/11/17 01:34 PM
Went to a gatewood cape and love
by toddfw2003
10/30/17 01:28 AM
Backcountry Discussion - Featured Topics
Hitting the eagle rock loop, Ark in 3 days
by toddfw2003
11:31 AM
Flamable fabrics?
11/13/17 09:31 PM
Arcteryx/general sizing question
by glocke12
11/12/17 01:57 AM
Make Your Own Gear - Featured Topics
Plant based insulation...
by billstephenson
02:58 PM
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by PaHiker
11/07/17 08:57 PM
Quilt thoughts / questions
by PaHiker
10/27/17 02:36 PM
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