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Simon Metals Titanium Tent Pegs


Charles Lindsey, 10/15/96
Name of Gear:
Titanium Tent Pegs
Simon Metals
Field weight:
.4 ounce per stake

Produced by Simon Metals Company, these little pokers are about 7 3/8" long, 5/32" wide, with a large shepherd-hook end, and with weight that is comparable to your average aluminum poker. Even though they are much narrower than aluminum pokers, they are many times stronger. I can easily bend the aluminum pegs with my hands but cannot bend the titanium. It's pretty amazing that something so thin can be so strong. Anyway, I have hard ground out in front of my house so I tested the pokers out there. Again, the standard aluminum tent pegs--which, incidentally, are about 1/4" wide (almost twice the width of the titanium pegs)--easily bent in the hard ground. The titanium pokers did not.

In fact, they more easily penetrated the ground because of their sharpened tip, slender profile, and strength to withstand some pounding (with a rock). They are well-designed and easy to work with. The end hook is designed so that you can put your index finger thru it, pinch finger to thumb, and provide support on the other side with the middle finger. This may sound uninteresting, but a comfortable grip with three fingers provides a lot of force when probing the ground with a tent poker. Even though they are very slender, their length, large end hook, and amazing strength makes them a secure anchor for any tent.

And most important of all (from an ultralightist packer's perspective) they are ultralight !

$16.95 + shipping for a set of 6, is a most reasonable price. You can order via mail, or call the number below:

      Simon Metals Company
      722 Del Valle Drive
      Fillmore, California  93015

Toll Free: (888)638-2599 or (805)524-1801


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