a personal note from TLB
Charles sittin on a rock!

To all my friends:

The Lightweight Backpacker began in relative simplicity in late 1995, inspired by my own experiences of eschewing the traditional (heavyweight) methods of backcountry travel in preference to more streamlined (lightweight) methods.

During the past ten years, The Lightweight Backpacker has grown significantly as has the recognition of lightweight equipment and techniques among backcountry enthusiasts as well as with the outdoor gear industry as a whole.

The lightweight/ultralight theme in outdoor gear will continue to increase and The Lightweight Backpacker is commited to remain at the forefront related to lightweight backcountry travel & equipment.

As always, I am open to your suggestions to improve this website. I have never received a suggestion that I did not appreciate. Over the past seven years, I have even received very negative comments -- about three of them as I recall -- that turned out to be very helpful. So, please don't hesitate to share your observations and constructive opinions. At the same time, I also appreciate your contributions of personal experiences and participation in the TLB Community Forums that help keep this project going and growing.

Again, thank you, and I hope your days are filled with many good things!

If you are inclined to do so, please send contributions, inquiries and comments, here.

Charles Lindsey