Sizing Information for Internet Purchases

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Instructions for Internet Purchases:

Firstly, review the in-depth fitting instructions on the previous "Backpack" page. On this page, we'll just mention the specific measurements that you will need when you place your on-line order in the Gear Shoppe.

Step 1: Torso Length

As discussed in the instructions mentioned above, the most important measurement in pack fitting is torso length. Here's a quick review.

Stand erect, with chin at your chest, have another person measure you (with a tape measure) from the seventh vertebra (largest bump at the base of the neck), straight down the spine to the top of the hips. This measurement will provide your approximate torso size which can easily be translated into the size of the pack body or frame sheet you'll need.

As a point of reference 80% of men are mediums (and a majority of women too). It's important to reiterate that torso length has very little to do with height. If you're tall don't assume you're a large, and so on. As I previously mentioned, I'm only 5 foot 9 inches tall but I have a 20 inch torso, thus, I tend to require a large-size pack.

Step 2: Harnessing

In the cases of Dana Designs, Madden, and Gregory, the shoulder and hip belt harnessing is also sizeable (great news to those of us with medium bodies but out of the ordinary shoulders, chests, and hips). In determining what sizes to mix and match for harnessing, you'll need two measurements: 1) hips (at the widest part) and 2) chest (expanded). Take these measurements and jot them down. You'll need them when you place your order.

Pack fit is also a function of usage. If you buy a larger capacity pack for long trips, but stretch it's usage to a day pack or for single overnights, you probably won't be happy with the performance.


When you place your on-line order, you will need 3 measurements:

  1. Your torso length measurement
  2. Your hip measurement (at the widest part)
  3. Your chest measurement (also at the widest part)

Provide this info along with your order and specifically request that the Gear Tech on the other end use those measurements to select the appropriate pack size and harness system, for you.

Subsequent to receiving your pack, follow all the general testing the fit instructions available on the Backpack page for vigorously testing the fit of your new pack.

The Lightweight Backpacker