I used a Kologn diet/baby scale with a 16 oz (with 1/2 oz gradations) maximum weight capacity to get the weight of each component/assembly.
Component/Assembly Weight
Backpanel/bottom assembly
- includes the padded shoulder straps
and internal water bladder pocket
8.25 oz
1 1/4" wide hipbelt webbing assembly 1.65 oz
Front panel assembly 0.90 oz
Side panel (L&R) assembly 0.70 oz
Lace compression system (3mm cord) 0.25 oz
Top pocket/Lid 1.40 oz
3/4" wide sternum strap assembly 0.60 oz
100 oz Camelbak water bladder (for comparison) 4.50 oz
Total pack weight
excluding backpad/frame and bladder
13.75 oz
Yup, it's less than a pound folks (1 lb = 16 oz).
Component Weights
Pack Frame
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