Contributed byJohn Beardmore, 5/24/02

I have used Trangia stoves for years and found them to be totally reliable. However recently I have looked at ways of reducing weight.

This is how I made a light weight stove based on the Trangia principle and burner.

I purchased a Trangia titanium pan and welded on 3 small bosses to the base (using Tig / Heli arc with lots of gas). Into these bosses I screw 3 aluminium legs.

A wind shield is required and this is made from very thin high strength aluminium sheet (something like 7075, 6061 etc). The wind shield also directs the heat up the side of the pan.

The burner is a normal Trangia burner.

The weights are as follows:-

You could go lighter by just using foil for the shield.

I also intend to experiment with a heat reflective coating on the inside of the wind shield such as ceramic, Keronite etc.

Boil times are similar to a standard Trangia.

John Beardmore, 5/24/02

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