Detachable Side Pockets for the Golite Gust

Jason Rumohr, 2/2/04


I had written to Golite a couple years ago asking if they were planning to make a Gust-like pack with side pockets and they said yes and no and also sent me a drawing of an idea for detachable pockets for the Gust. I made one and it is not as good as a true sewn-in-the-seams pocket, but it works well enough. It's great for those who don't want a side pocket all the time or who are timid about ripping open seams on their beloved pack.
My drawing, photos and instructions aren't the greatest, but it should be enough to get someone going. The pocket shown here is by far a rough prototype. With a little more attention to detail, it could be very nice.


* some packcloth
* some fishnet-style mesh
* 3 mitten clips and cord for each pocket
* an object to shape your pocket with (I used a 32oz Nalgene bottle)

I used a basic packcloth for the backing of the pocket and some "fishnet" mesh for the front. I don't recall the dimensions of the mesh...I laid a 32 oz Nalgene bottle on the backing, stapled the mesh along side A to the backing. Then I draped the mesh over the bottle and pleated the mesh along side B. I'm new to this sewing thing and there is probably a better way to do it. I recommend finishing the edges with bias tape or something. If not, at least some reinforcement at the points the mitten clips attach to the pocket.

I originally use shockcord to attach the mitten clips. Non-elastic cord is better, as the pocket tends to bounce when full, as you are hiking. Some sort of "locking" mitten clip would work better as the regular ones tend to detach from the pack occasionally.

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