J. Falk's
Ultra-light Sleeping Bag

Created by:   J. Falk , 2003

Backpackers, Hikers, Campers and Survivalists are discovering this warm and Ultra-light sleeping bag.  Possibly the lightest and warmest sleeping bag you'll ever make.


Duct tape.
2 foil survival blankets, size 84" x 52".
Lightweight fleece sleeping bag or blanket (not shown).
sleeping bag sleeping bag

STEP 1.  Make the outer Bivy bag.  Take the 2 survival blankets, remove them from their shipping packets and open them completely.  Lay them together like a sandwich (one on top the other) lining up the edges and four corners.

Place duct tape along the bottom edge and up the two sides.  Fold the tape around the seam so it attaches both the top and bottom sheets together.  Note: Don't run the tape all the way up the sides, you'll need room to get in the bag, so tape one side only half way.
sleeping bag sleeping bag sleeping bag

STEP 2.  Place your lightweight fleece sleeping bag inside the Bivy bag.
sleeping bag
There's even enough room inside the bivy bag for your backpacking air mattress.  However, I prefer to place the air mattress on the ground outside the bivy bag, this protects the foil survival bag from damage.

STEP 3.  Easy packing.  Fold the foil survival bag and place inside the fleece sleeping bag.  Now fold the fleece bag and roll tight then place it in a weather proof compression bag.
sleeping bag sleeping bag
Note:  The foil survival bag is water proof.  If the weather turns bad and you don't have a weather proof cover for your fleece bag.  Place the fleece bag inside the foil survival bag, fold and roll tight.  This will keep the fleece bag clean and dry.  Take care not to damage or tear the foil survival bag or your sleeping will be uncomfortable.

The secret to keeping warm is layering.  I've tested this ultra-light homemade sleeping bag wearing a fleece cap, sweat shit, sweat pants, and thick socks at 40 degrees (under a lean-to) and it was toasty.  If you're uncomfortable just add (or remove) clothing.

Problems:  The foil survival blanket is a little noisy when you move around.  The foil blanket s not porous.  Over dressing may cause you to sweat, which can not vaporize through the foil, making you cold.  WARNING: Due to the water tight material of the foil survival blanket, never cover your head with the foil blanket, doing so could result in suffocation.
Benefits:  The survival blankets reflect 90% of the body heat back to you. The foil is water proof and will not crack, mildew or shrink.  Very lightweight.

Use common sense and safety at all times when using any sleeping bag.  The author of this web page will not be responsible for any injury or damage resulting from constructing or use of this sleeping bag design.  If you choose to build, use or experiment with this design, do so at your own risk.

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