Contributed bySteve Bateman, 1/20/01

I wanted a small compression bag for clothes, but thought that a heavy duty one was overkill. So I made one with ripstop polyester (similar to ripstop nylon, though any light nylon would propably work fine) and 300lb dacron cord for the cinchers, using a prusik knot. I made mine 6.5" by 17" long.

The cordage is sewn onto the ends before assembly, leaving enough for a seam allowance (I used 0.5" allowance). The cordage is only sewn to the ends. The cap on the drawstring end has the loops that make the prusik knots. 3 lines basicly wrap around the ends, giving 6 lines to cinch. The more lines the less stress is placed on each knot, making it easier to loosen when needed.

Getting prusik knots on both ends of the lines that are sewn on the cap was tricky, but I found an easy way. Pre-tie prusiks onto short lengths of line before sewing the double ended loops onto the cap. Then when everything is sewn up, simply take the bottom lines and follow them through the already formed prusiks, then remove the dummy lines.

Total weight is 1.25oz (the same size bag I had before was 6oz)

The nylon is not under any direct pulling pressure, cause the lines wrap all the way around the tube. The fabric is only under bursting pressure from the contents.

Steve Bateman

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