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Hiking Lightweight


Although hiking with lightweight equipment is the primary focus of The Lightweight Backpacking website, there is a wealth of valuable hiking knowledge & wisdom available to enrich backpackers and backcountry travelers of all experience levels. Lightweight and ultralight hiking gear and equipment are reviewed, discussed, as well as bought and sold in the Lightweight Hiking Gear Shop and thru the Lightweight Hiking Gear Forums where you can buy and sell lightweight and ultralight hiking gear and hiking equipment. The website is useful to all backcountry travellers, not only the lightweight and ultralight hiking community.

One of things you will discover here, is the "packlite process" which instructs how to go about hiking lightweight. Hiking with reduced weight takes some discipline, but your hiking adventures will be so much more enjoyable, you'll soon notice that the process for reducing your hiking equipment weight will become fun in itself. We hope your hiking days will be extended well into your 90's by heeding the lightweight hiking principles espoused within the pages of The Lightweight Hiking website. Please enjoy -- and safe, happy hiking to you.

The Lightweight Backpacker