So the down is ready, the material are bought, now for the design. The basic dimensions are going to be copied off an existing summer bag. The foot box is open for ideas.
My goals are a summer bag that can convert to a quilt. So I want a zipper but I want it to completely open up for real warm nights are lounging around the house or travel, which in my current state is what it will be used for the most.
I just sat in two sleeping bags. One the zipper ran down the side and down the bottom. No real foot box, but I realy liked the ability to completely zip it open to form a quilt. The other was a "normal" bag with a 3/4 zipper and foot box. I definately want a footbox. Much more comfortable.
My two options IMO are to make the zipper extend to the end of the side and use a drawcord. I've seen this done on this website. My other option is to make a foot box and extend the zipper though the middle of it or the bottom of it.
Any thoughts about my two options or another option?
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