I just completed a 760 mile hike on the PCT stoveless re-hydrating my food. I find that most dehydrated foods will re-hydrate with just cold water. Some grains like brown rice still need to be cooked. I used a plastic peanut butter jars for the rehydrating.

I carried six meals. Hummus (instant rehydration), Baba Ghanous (again instant), tabouleh (rehydrated in about 1.5 hours) a Quiona Salad (about 0ne hour) a Black Bean Chilli and a Red (kidney bean) Chilli (about two hours),

I would eat on on the instant meals for lunch and then soak and carry the meals that needed more time in the mesh pocket of my pack.

I made all the food from scratch. I found that Quoina that has been cooked and dehydrated is really one of the best whole grains to use. It really swells to a large volumn during rehydration. I am getting ready to do another 1000 + this time with an alcohol stove. I add some Quinoa to the black and Red Bean dishes for carbs.