Has anyone had any experience with solar cooking for rehydrating dehydrated foods, where you simply need to warm up the water enough so that you can rehydrate?

We will be hiking in the grand canyon in a few weeks, and given the heat and the sun exposure there, I was contemplating about maybe eliminating some weight in fuel needs and using solar cooking instead. We will be using homemade dehydrated meals (freezerbag type meals - with many kudos to the poster in this group who has the freezerbagcooking.com website - its an awesome resource!).

I was thinking we could possibly even add water to a ziploc bag and wear it on the outside of our pack while hiking to hydrate up some foods, or, utilize aluminum foil or the space blankets as reflective materials to use at camp in the afternoon in order to cook with.

If anyone has experience or recommendations, please post. Thank you.