Do you think that a length preference based on a heavier pole will tell you what length of Gossamer Gear pole you would want?

Weight wont determine length. On level ground, your arms should be at right angles (forearm vs upper arm) while holding the poles.

One thing youll notice on a 2oz pole vs. a 12oz pole is how to hit your mark. Youll find it so much easier with the lighter pole. And you can hit it faster since there is less mass.

For an adjustable pole, in theory, you should shorten the pole for going uphill and lengthen the pole for going downhill. In practice, hill maneuvering happens so often that adjustable-pole people just set their pole for one height and stick with it for the whole hike. Plus this keeps less wear-n-tear on the locking mechanisms.

I use my fixed-length pole also for my GG Squall tarptent. Im lucky its the same height! But my pole is not tall enough for my Rainshadow (my family tent), so that tent has its own front pole.