Just curious how everyone's looking at the issue of decreasing their packweight as they age!

I've been considering two approaches (1) Since I'm aging why not do everything I can to decrease my packweight to make trips a little easier? and (2) Since I'm aging & have to consider that I may slip & twist an ankle or somehow otherwise end up spending an extra night (or two or three!) out in the wilderness I want to make sure I'm prepared! So..I want to make sure I have all the 1st aid products I could reasonably need, and also want to make sure I have a comfortable / secure tent & related sleeping gear (sleeping pad & sleeping bag are more important to me now than they were 10 years ago!), etc..

I should add that I solo a lot, also go to "wilderness" areas aa lot so if I did slip & fall & break a leg it's possible I wouldn't be found for a day or two!

How are the rest of you adjusting your packweight as you age? THANKS for feedback, I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all are doing (or not!)

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