You want to get some experience getting lost solo. It's different. Pick some favourite area that is familiar enough and bounded enough that the risks are limited, but complex enough to get yourself lost. Carry a watch and incorporate it into your map and compass work, as it is useful to have a good sense of time when your mind starts playing tricks on itself. The objective here is not soo much just to practice your map and compass work, and dead reckoning work, but also to get to know how your mind works. Cheers.

p.s. Getting yourself safely lost is a bit of an art. A little bushwacking off trail is usually sufficient for me. Just make sure you are bounded on all sides some reasonable distance by roads or water or clear cuts or something like that. Keep your playpen small especially in winter and thick brush. Small enough to hike from once corner to another in 4 hours say. Don't play too late in the day, but if you do manage to get yourself really good and lost stop well before dark and camp for the night. Another good reason for the watch.