I went day hiking at a Gorge I like to hike in and was chatting with a ranger. I told the ranger what department I worked for, and asked him about car break-in's and vandalism. He asked me if I was armed and I told him yes.

Then he asked me if I had handcuffs or anything else as far as police gear. I said no, and he said that I should carry plastic disposable "flexicuffs", OC spray, and a small collapsible baton (ASP). He said that because if I ever caught anyone breaking into or damaging anything I can hold and detain them until they arrive.

Uh, ok. I mean if I was put in that kind of situation I would do something. But then I thought to myself, geeze, are you gonna put me on the payroll to???

I go there to hike. The last thing I want to do is where is carry a bunch of crap I carry at work. Regardless it was interesting that he said that. I guess if something did happen I know that the rangers aren't gonna think much if they ever had to respond because I had to draw down on anyone aka something really bad happening.

I really don't want to think of something like that happening, being that I go hiking to enhance my serenity, and not think about work.

"Let's not miss the beauty of the forest by the ugliness of some of its trees." Bill W.