Not trying to say anything "conspiracy" like. Every time I dealt with them it was top notch I got no problem with them at all. Just saying you can't say one thing and do the opposite and still think people will listen to your vague "facts".

A guy in Alberta last summer got attacked by a grizzly, ended up using his hunting knife to fatally wound it.

McLellan said the bear had been partially concealed by a knoll in the field and he didn’t see her until she stood up in front of him 60 yards away.

“I had a camouflage mask on so I took that off so that she could see that I was a human, thinking that would scare her away. I started waving my arms and screaming and it never fazed her. She just dropped down to all fours and charged.”

The grizzly rammed into his stomach and then grabbed his left arm with her jaws. As the two went down, McLellan plunged the knife into her back between the shoulder and neck.

As for your 22LR comment, the Alberta record for Grizzly bear was set in 1953, by a 63 year old Native women named Bella Twin who defended herself with the single shot 22LR she was carrying when the bear went to attack her as she picked barries.