persons encountering grizzlies and defending themselves with firearms suffer injury about 50% of the time.

Ok, so about 50% of the time means that it may be 51% or even 52% of the time people do not suffer injuries when protecting themselves with firearms. So really "most people may not suffer injuries" may also work in this statement. They give vague numbers.

persons defending themselves with pepper spray escaped injury most of the time,

Agian, that may be only 50.1% of the time, and they are just trying to get the reader into thinking "ok I guess pepper spray will work better so I'll just carry that" after reading this.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says pretty much the same thing here in Ontario "use bear spray it works better, carrying a rifle for bear defense is illegal" and yet they carry rifles and shotguns specifically for this reason, and the Federal goverment seems to think prospectors and Bush pilots are the only people who should carry firearms to protect themselves from animals, I guess their lives are more important then everyone else's. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

The Wildlife/Forestry/Conservation Officers should practice what they preach and leave the firearms at the office or don't preach at all about how much "better" pepper spray is then a firearm.