My point is, a person should carry the amount of personal protection that one is comfortable carrying. And yes, animals and humans have been repelled by batons or other impact weapons. I don't advocated a baton for backpacking. If you are comfortable with nothing then that's what you should have. The decision to take a life be it an animal or human is a very serious undertaking and should not be taken lightly. There are consequences to it that go far beyond the immediate moment. You can be charged with a crime or sued for "protecting yourself". Then there is also the mental and emotional aftermath of the use of force. I have friends who have had to take a life (human) in self defense and ended up not able to get over it and retiring. I know that if I use deadly force, I am in all likelihood going to be sued. And if you shoot an animal and itís not hunting season and you donít have a proper license, you will find yourself defending your actions to the authorities.

As for the use of force continuum, what I meant was you don't and should not resort to deadly force at the first sign of a threat. And you don't have to use all of the levels either. Obviously if you are about to be eaten you act. But just because a bear woofs or growls at your presence doesn't mean he's going to attack. Sometimes they are just warning you that you are too close. ( I have had this happen)

The original question was again ďalternatives to packingĒ. There is pepper spray and electric fences ect. I think the best thing is whatever makes you happy and comfortable AND if we all practice safe food handling, awareness of our surroundings and just plain common sense we can enjoy the wilderness we all value. I for one would hate it if it was completely safe, read that sterile.
Now let's go fishing!