I'm also not talking about shooting everything you come across in the bush.

Fact of the matter is in Ontario black bears DO NOT fear you anymore and will come right into your camp site, and heck they are going into towns in broad day light now without any fear of humans. So I really rather not try to scare a black bear away and home for the best if its coming at me. Just me, but my survival is more important to me then trying to make the bear happy and giving it its next lunch.

In the last 8 years, 26 people have died from bear attacks in North America, as well as 62 attacks on humans by Mtn Lions/Cougars between 1994 and 2003 occurred, so yes I do believe being prepared is a good thing.

As for "human problems" on the trails, I never had a problem with anyone. I was referring to the use of a police officers force continuum not really working for a animal thats attacking you.