Single action pistols that are not cocked are pretty safe to have in the bush even with a loaded chamber. As having the hammer cocked takes alot more force then tripping the trigger or the safety in most firearms (from my experience anyways)

Myself I don't own any handguns and even if I did it would be illegal to take them in the bush with me as thy are restricted firearms and I do not have a that special permit to carry which they seem to only issue to a very select few professions which I am not one of (prospectors, armored car people and the like).

So I carry a rifle, semi-automatic, for small game hunting you see. "Yes thats right, I carry a medium bore rifle for hunting small game, here is my license Mr. Conservation Officer" <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

Anyways back to my original point, it takes very little more time if any to cock your firearm then it would to flick off the safety. So I think empty chamber and no safety is better then a loaded chamber and a safety.