This topic veers in that area of gun control and is about as comfortable talking about as bringing up topics of abortion, religion, and politics.

If you carrying a firearm it is your responsibility to be responsible. If your gun goes off accidentally, either you carrying a cheap gun, have little to no experience with it, or you are doing something irresponsible. The police department I work for I see MANY gunshot victims. Many were on the receiving end from drug deals gone bad and some of the "victims" have at one time put others on the same bed they are now lying in.

That aside.

The ones that have gunshot wounds from accidents were ALWAYS doing something stupid, like cleaning a loaded gun, screwing around with it, not checking or caring that it was loaded, or using a gun that is either poor in quality or not properly taken care of.

Law enforcement and conceal and carry classes, stress over and over and over the extreme importance of safety. Treat every gun like it's loaded, NEVER point a gun at someone unless you plan on using it, always point the gun down range, clean your weapon every time you use it, take the weapon to a armorer if it isn't working correctly, LOCK YOUR WEAPONS UP AT HOME, etc, etc, etc.

This is all common sense knowledge.

If I am carrying my off duty weapon, whether hiking, or out and about, my firearm is in a quality holster, concealed. More importantly, I don't broadcast I am armed for obvious reasons. I also maintain constant responsibility when armed because that what is required for the privilege of carrying.

As far as my opinion on gun control. If you outlaw guns for everyone, you might as well outlaw driving. People driving cars kill way more people than guns ever will.

"Let's not miss the beauty of the forest by the ugliness of some of its trees." Bill W.