I know I'm not going to change your mind, but the number of accidental firearms deaths in the USA in 1996 (just a random year the statistics are pretty much the same every year anyways comparing each other anyways) was 1,134 ... which by the way include more hunting accidents, police accidents, and the like not just your "inside the family home" accidents.

Cars that same year killed "accidently" over 43,500 people in the USA. While almost 3,000 people died cause of complications from medical procedures. So its almost 3 times more likely you'll die from your doctor cause of his actions then a gun accidentally.

As well according to economist Steven D. Levitt, yearly in the U.S. "there is 1 child killed by a gun for every 1 million-plus guns." Levitt also observes that yearly there is one drowning of a child for every 11,000 residential swimming pools.

Something to think about next time you walk into your doctors office or take a drive in your car or think about your pool or think putting in a new one.

Myself I'll be legally carrying a rifle with me when I'm out hiking and camping in the middle of no where, in areas I know there are plenty of black bears, and other animals that wish me harm.

By the way here is my source who copied the US Census report to get the numbers.


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