My Walther P38 can be safely carried with a round at battery and the hammer down. There is small pin above the hammer that protrudes just enough to be felt with your thumb in the dark to say "there is a round chambered" without having to do something noisey to find out. Obviously if there are people after you and you are camped out then you need some firepower like an AR15 or M16, but under normal circumstances I think a concealed weapon that would be employed after being robbed or for escape would be preferable to a shootout with other people around to get hit.

Which brings up the point, if someone took a hostage while I was camping probably a .22LR would be the ONLY weapon I would shoot them with knowing the accuracy of putting a round in someones ear while you wife or other friend is being held closely to a person brandishing a weapon.

However I normally do not pack and thats the meaning of this post. I have scared off bears and mtn lions unarmed, coyotes run from me - you know "brave men shiver - I'm MikeFink, King of the River..." from davy crocket riverboat.... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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These are my own opinions based on wisdom earned through many wrong decisions. Your mileage may vary.