Oh yeah, I agree. Why did he have a round chambered?

Probably because that's what the 'Concealed Carry' training is telling them to do.
Now days it's "no safety's on DAO" pistols, just like on revolvers. I instinctively don't chamber rounds and use safety's because I grew up shooting 1911 style pistols. Now days days "condition 1" is the carry recommendation. That's scary to me, so I usually carry "condition 3", unless I have an immanent reason to be 'cocked and locked'. I purposely bought a DAO 9mm pistol WITH a 1911 style safety because that's where my thumb automatically goes. Many DAO (double action only) pistols have no safety at all. Glocks are way different and are strange to me because there are three safeties that all disappear when you pull the trigger...a combat pistol.

1911 "Conditions of readiness":

Condition 0 - A round is in the chamber, hammer is cocked, and the safety is off.

Condition 1 - Also known as "cocked and locked," means a round is in the chamber, the hammer is cocked, and the manual thumb safety on the side of the frame is applied.

Condition 2 - A round is in the chamber and the hammer is down.

Condition 3 - The chamber is empty and hammer is down with a charged magazine in the gun.

Condition 4 - The chamber is empty, hammer is down and no magazine is in the gun.

When push comes to shove, we're probably going to find that someone on the flight deck was messing around with the gun.

Interestingly, back to the original post.....a flight deck could carry a 'fire extinguisher' with 'chemical spray' charged with about 2000 psi and 'fire-hose' any attacker. The thing could even carry full auto BB's. So a pistol is not the only option available.
My wasp nest shooter is an old fire extinguisher, charged with 100 psi and hot soapy water. Most incredible water cannon you ever saw!! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
paul, texas KD5IVP