I have found that I am going out less because of gas prices. I already have an economical car (37 gpm on highway) and live fairly close to good backpack areas (most trips are within 200 miles), yet I am hesitating. I think it is the sticker-price shock factor. The best way I can see to reduce gas price is to carpool (this implies that I need to find more backpack partners). I am also delaying buying new gear. I also am thinking about trade-offs - for instance skip the fishing (out of state license at 80$ buys about 23 gallon of gas or about 850 miles - that's almost pays for the trip to Wyoming if I decide to go to the Wind Rivers).

Also the gas prices are not just directly applicable to my backpack mileage. I am now spending more on gas for non-backpack reasons, leaving less for backpacking. I have been using the equivelent of a backpack trip's gas to see my new grandson weekly, the equivlent of several trips to fly to see my elderly mother and the equivelent of LOTS of backpack trips to fly across the country to see my newest granddaughter. I am really torn.

I also wonder if I should bit the bullet and do my farther away trips this summer betting on even higher gas prices next year.

Gas here today is $3.60 per gallon and going up fast.

How are you all handling this?