I am totally aware of the signs to look for with dehydration. I live in a climate where we have temps in the upper 90's for 6 months of the year.

During last falls 60 mile walk in temps close to 100 w/ 90% humidity and walking on asphalt and pavement (plus all the training I did up to that point) we played all kinds of water games. From the drinking games (like college kids play with alcohol, we played with water) to the idea of asking a bunch of women if they've pee'd in the past half hour. ... I've never used so many port-a-potties.

Water is life....

Clear urine that doesn't smell is good urine. (with the exception being that you have taken a vitamin suppliment - which the excess vitamins will discolor the urine - but usually to a florescent yellow. - but that usually disapates within a few hours of adequate hydration).