Thank you for the constructive reply. I'm sorry we seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot here.

My pack and my husband's pack have 1 gallon reservoirs. (that's our day packs that we will use the resorvoir from). My son (and those in the rest of our party) will have to aquire gear and that is what we have spec'd out for them. In addition to that, I planned on carrying additional water bottles, as when I want to mix my electrolite drink, I drink that out of a bottle that is easily cleaned. We will plan on those being a couple more liters worth.

The only way I would have considered anything less is if I could tank up on water at least once an hour. (like you can on BA) But the area from the river to Supia tunnel is unknown to me - so I will certainly heed your warning and defintely stick with the orginal plan.

As for the pack - we are going to do our best to get the weight down. Backpacking is new to me. When I read backpacking books that suggest that packs are 40 to 50lbs - that is what I figuered I'd have to train for. If I train for that and we get our packs in at 30 - then we have a bonus - right. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> When it comes to the light weight camp gear - we don't have it yet. We are in the process of determining what to purchse, what we can rent, etc.

With water reserves - we will have about 10 to 15lbs of water on top of gear. When I estimated 40 to 50lbs that included a full reservoir of water.

I've done plenty of long day hikes w/ 20+lb packs then going back to a camp site and sleeping in a tent, and doing that for 2 weeks at a time. I've just never carried all the gear on my back and pitched a tent in the woods. But I do realize there is a difference that I have to plan for.

Training - we will be training in 90+ heat w/ 90% humidty. Today I spent 4hrs kayaking on the gulf in 85 degree weather and its still February.... Its not GC, its not the desert - but its still going to be training for heat and hydration.

As for the early starts - 6am in AZ is 9am in Fl. We are going to take advantage of that. And the plans are best laid goals... We certainly hope it goes as planned but realize that it might not.