Thanks Joe, You've given me some great ideas. Had not thought about the gloves for sunburned hands.

As a Floridian I feel somewhat blasphomous by saying this - but gatorade is horrible.... I'm not a fan. That stuff makes me nauseous in the heat - even diluted 75% w/ water. I can never drink it straight - way too much sugar. ANd carrying the extra powder adds weight - doesn't it?

Shot Bloks work well, but at 2oz for a package of 6, I'd need to think about adding at least 1lb to my pack by carrying those. Instead we use electrolite tabs (tablets that contain potassium, magnesium and other electrolites that disolve in a water). Citrus flavored, adds a light flavor to a 16oz bottle of water.

We will be using 1 gallon hydration packs (house rule - only water goes in them, no sugary additives). And a couple water bottles as well, so that we can mix the electrolites when needed.

Another item I'll share with you is look at BullFrog sunscreen w/ bug spray. An item that comes in a small container - and serves two purposes. (its the one in the green bottle). CapriSun sport aerosol cans are my fav sun screens for the durability, long lasting, non burning, non skin clogging sunscreen.

Just a couple tidbits ....