No offense taken.

Pika is misquoting and misinterpreting what I have been saying. And being new to this forum - I don't know Pika from you or Adam....

I have never said I know more about GC conditions... I said I don't know what the water conditions are like on the North Kiabob going out. I have only read reports from previous hikers who have done the trip.

Most reports I have read say water sources are plentifyl on the North Kiabob, so you don't have to worry about carrying alot with you. Yet the Ranger reports and the GCNP say water is scarce.

I admit - I don't know which. I am looking into that.

People were asking why I plan and train to carry a 40lb pack. If at least 10 is reserved for water, that leaves 30lbs for everything else. If I can get that down to 20 - great, but I may not, so I'd rather train heavy.