I do think you are missunderstanding and misquoting me.

I do not dismiss or belittle the heat and dangers of hiking the GC! I am planning for that. But I do believe you are either not reading my posts in entirety or you are misinterpreting what I have said.

I said that I planned to carry 1 gallon hydration packs - which is one of the reasons why I want to train and be ready to carry 40 to 50lbs pack for the trip. 1 gallon is approx 10lbs... People ask me why I'm planning for so heavy - that's a big reason why. The day trips I've done in the past were with 1 gallon hydration packs.

I also said that I had read reports from others who did the trip only bringing 1.5 to 2 liter hydration packs with them.

I said that I would consider that IF AND ONLY IF there was adequate water sources on the NK going north and out of the canyon.

That is part of my research - to find how much water I need to plan to carry. Dispite you misunderstanding me, you have gotten your point across and I will continue to train for a heavier pack of about 40+ lbs and plan to carry that gallon (plus) of water.