100 stories.. LOL... we have a city ordinance that limits bldgs to 4 in town. I can go next town up where they do have one 10 story courthouse (that is locked nights and weekends). Closest we've got for public access is 4 story parking garage and we have had friends who used that for their training to do the same trek.

Our gear list is not finalized yet. I'm still pulling that together, but I'll list out what I think we need.

change of clothes (underwear, undersock, hiking sock, zip off pant, wicking shirt, sports bra)
fleece (doubles w/ clothes as a pillow)
rain gear (el-cheapo garbage bag poncho)
travel size toothbrush, paste and deoderant
bed roll
sleeping bag (or sleepsak if the temps are warm enough and we can get a room at the lodge at the rim)
food (figure on 3000 cals per day for me, 4000 for the boys). dried foods, etc - TBD. we are going to try to get dinner at Phantom Ranch on day one, and lunch on day two.
first aid (ace, moleskin, bandaids, ibuprofen, etc - something small and can be split amongst all of us).
Electrolite tabs, filter tabs, etc
cooking supplies (at minimum - water heating system)
toilet paper
2 gallon plastic bag for garbage

Sat phone - maybe? Would be nice for emergencies but heavy.

And of course water - if we can find sources on the North trail - then I'm guessing 2 liter storage is about all we'll need that we can keep filling.

I'm sure I'm missing something. We have just started compiling a list of necessary gear.