Thanks for the nice welcome Tango,

In my preliminary research on hiking I read most packs range 40 to 50lbs. That was where my starting point was for training. I am going to do my darnest to get that down closer to 30. The last two times I've been to GC for day hikes (in 2001 I spent 4 days there, going down about 5 miles and back up from different points and again in 2005 I spent 2 days there on smaller day hikes). Both those times I brought my 1 gallon camel pack day pack and had it full, so minimally I had 10lbs plus food, and supplies for the day.

As long as we can readily find water on the north trail, we'll be ok. I know where water sources are on the south trail and know that we can easily get by with carrying 1.5liter each and that should be plenty to get from water source to water source. Its the uphill climb that would worry me if we can't find water, we'll need to prepare to hike with more on our backs.

The one thing I won't do without is my camera gear. The '01 trip my DH talked me out of bringing the 35mm and I only brought the digital that at the time was less than 1mp. This time the digital SLR is coming with me with lenses. I'm not giving up that gear. That is kept in a belly pack.