I like your list Pika... Do you adjust depending ont the length of trip you take? Such as the Amoxicillin? Starting a 6-day regiment (I'm guessing) for a week long trip might not be of any value. Although, I guess in some cases, you might feel better within a day or two of taking the antibiotics. I've thought about getting some to have on hand, but I don't know if it they would be entirely nessesary on shorter trips. The Vicodin seems like a very good idea, but I wouldn't know how to get any! Oh well, here's my list:
  • These items fit in a heavy duty ziplock bag:
  • Duct Tape (Use for Moleskin, Bandaging, Repairs)
  • 8 - Large Cloth Bandaids
  • Tweezers
  • Sewing Needle and Dental Floss
  • 2 - Safety Pins
  • Small Camp Mirror
  • 1 - Placker Dental Pick
  • Rubbing Alcohol in Eyedrop Bottle (Antiseptic / Sterilizing)
  • Cotton Balls (bandaging or fire starting)
    All pills are kept in one film canister:
  • Allegra-D (allergies)
  • Ibuprofen (pain reliever) - Many
  • Pepto Bismol Pills (upset stomach)